Les politiques sociales au Maroc : études juridiques et constitutionnels

Mouhaddeb Soufiane

Les politiques sociales au Maroc : études juridiques et constitutionnels

Mouhaddeb Soufiane
 Doctorant-chercheur, FSJES – Settat




Social policies refer to a set of decisions issued by the competent authorities in society to achieve its general social goals. These decisions clarify areas of social care, binding trends, work method and objectives, and these social policies are implemented by drawing up one or more plans that contain a number of programs and a set of integrated and interrelated social projects.
Social policy is based on fixed and well-known pillars, and these pillars are the foundations and rules upon which this policy is based, and in this way they are the sources from which it derives its entity or the approaches that determine its strength.
This study attempts to monitor what is legislative – legal and constitutional for social policies in Morocco and shed light on the most important milestones known to social policies: at the level of the constitution, which is the basis on which social and political organization is based, and it is the main source of social laws and legislation. Therefore, all the constitutions known to Morocco are crossed. From the social facts, values and customs, and the matter stems from the historical roots of Moroccan society.
As for the legislative and legal level, it is the legal basis on which society establishes its life affairs, methods of survival and continuity to achieve the social welfare of citizens.

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